Sinfonía por el Perú viaja a España para ofrecer un concierto en el Teatro Real de Madrid

On Sunday 22 October, 30 musicians from the Youth Symphony Sinfonia por el Peru traveled to Spain to be part of the orchestra to accompany our president Juan Diego Florez in concert by the 15 Anniversary of Telefónica Volunteers in the Teatro Real in Madrid, to be held on Sunday 29 October.
Are some thirty different stories that come together to bring the sounds of coping, emotion and pride of playing in one of the most important theaters of the world along Juan Diego Florez.
To this delegation joined the directors of Sinfonia por el Peru: Miguel Molinari, Executive Director, Milagros Florez, Administrative Director and Hugo Carrio, Artistic Director.
Thirty musicians trained in Sinfonia por el Peru, embark on a journey that will be a turning point in their lives, because it shows something that they are very clear: singing, touched, I grow!

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