Symphony for Peru launches its illustrated comics against child violence

Symphony for Peru launches its illustrated comics against child violence

Our commitment and philosophy around music for social transformation is not limited only to the level of music education. The impact that Sinfonía por el Perú generates covers various areas, such as personal, school, family, and emotional. It is because of this same strong commitment to children and childhood in Peru, and to contribute to the construction of a country and a society free of any type of discrimination or mistreatment, that we launched an institutional strategy that seeks to establish a culture of safeguarding and preventing physical, psychological, sexual violence – and any other type of risk situation that violates the well-being of children. girls and young women—, with the aim of complementing the training process of the beneficiaries towards a more comprehensive approach, creating tools that empower them and allow them to be even more heard by their teachers, friends, tutors, or parents.

In that sense, our Protection Comics, which are part of the “Protección en Clave de MI” campaign of our Protection Policy, are illustrated educational tools that allow us to inform, in a pedagogical and didactic way, the mechanisms we adopt to report risk situations, ensuring that our workspaces are always safe and protective environments, where the beats are only given to the drum, where the instruments are played but no one can touch the children, and where it is always kept in mind that they can use their voice to sing, and to denounce situations that violate them.

Thank you to all those who are committed to the transformation of children in Peru by generating positive actions and strategies to protect them!

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