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Companies are a very important ally. Together we can create value propositions and social development strategies in favor of boys, girls, their families and communities. Join our mission through corporate donations, development projects or other collaborations.

Programa corporativo - Ícono Proyecto para el desarrollo de un núcleo


Our teaching centers musical are the heart of the program. It is part of the network of companies and institutions that help us sow orchestras and choirs in the country.


All the contributions made by the companies add up so that thousands of children and adolescents in the country are part of the various musical programs that Sinfonía por el Perú has throughout the national territory.

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If you are a socially responsible company and want to contribute with your service to build a Peru for children with more opportunities for development, we invite you to join our work.

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Sinfonía por el Perú is a non-profit organization led by the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez, which is committed to generating processes of social transformation through the collective teaching of music.

Through the centers and modules located in different parts of the Peruvian territory, the beneficiaries receive training aimed at forging life skills, as well as the practice of values and citizenship training. In addition, they find a space for protection and development in their centers, strengthen their skills and values, and, above all, they become agents of change for our society. Currently, we serve more than 6,000 children and adolescents in 10 regions of the country, through our Musical Kindergarten, Choral, Orchestral, Band, Puro Peru, Special Education, Lutherie programs.

Sinfonía por el Perú is an entity that receives donations, which are tax deductible according to subsection “X” of article 37 and article 49 of the Single Ordered Text (T.U.O.) of the Income Tax Law, approved by Supreme Decree Nº179-2004-EF (valid on Peruvian territory).

In the event that you make a single donation, such as a “Friend of Sinfonía” or corporate, send us an email to donaciones@sinfoniaporelperu.org to validate the deposit or transfer after 7 business days and send the certified document to the indicated email.

This document is valid for the Peruvian territory, but in the case that you donate from the United States, the voucher is delivered by the entity that collects in this country and you can “donate from USA”.

If you want to know more about our impact, visit our “novelties and news” sections to find out about our latest actions and interventions throughout Peru.

To make a single donation, you must select the donation amount, enter your email and click “donate” to enter our donation gateway.

To make a corporate donation, you must contact us at donaciones@sinfoniaporelperu.org so that we can provide you with more information.

We currently have three donation programs:

DONOR PROGRAM: which includes the “Friends of Sinfonía” and “Become our sponsor”

CORPORATE PROGRAM: through “sponsoring company”, “Friendly company” or “donate a service”

OTHER WAYS TO DONATE: You can help us through donations such as “Your marriage for a charitable purpose”, “Condolence bonus” and can also find our “accounts for donation”, “donate throught Yape” or “Donate in USA”.

Additionally, we offer the alternative so that you can “donate”, in the event that you wish to make a single donation and this menu is visible at the beginning of the presentation of each program.

Our 2022 annual report presents our work done over the past year, our achievements and activities, as well as our financial report. See more.

To belong to the donors program, you have two options: donate as a “Friend of Sinfonía” or “Become our Sponsor”. Enter here for more information: Donors program

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