Launch of the Lima Norte Core

Group photo of child musicians.

The month of March began with excellent news for our organization. Last Thursday 2, the inauguration activation of our new North Lima Nucleus, located in the district of Independencia, was held, which comes thanks to the support of MegaPlaza, a sponsoring partner that joins us to continue transforming lives through collective music education.

Children singing and spectator audience.

Home and theme
This beautiful activity began with a musical presentation by the Choral Casts of the San Juan de Lurigancho Nucleus, led by the director Gino Quispe, who offered a Concert for Peace, with the aim of providing a message of union, hope, diversity and multicultural integration that promote the construction and search for peace as a society. In that sense, the musical repertoire was marked by various themes that represented qualities such as hope, freedom, justice, empathy, respect, among others.

Musical pieces such as Gloria by the composer Vivaldi, which represented peace, Al shlosha d'varim, a work in Hebrew, which contains teachings of the rabbis and tells us that "the world is based on 3 pillars: truth, justice and peace", Halle Hallelujah, theme that embodied hope and freedom, and Let us sing jubílate deo, who represented the Union.  

Children singing a piece of music with their hands on their faces.

Institutional representatives
The event was attended by Alejandro Camino, CEO of Parque Arauco —parent company of MegaPlaza—, Gabriela Perona, executive director of Sinfonía por el Perú, Luis Felipe Chang, Manager of MegaPlaza Independencia, Kate Otiniano, head of Sustainability at Parque Arauco, and Alejandra Miró Quesada, head of Marketing at MegaPlaza and head of Strategic Projects at Parque Arauco – Peru Division. We were also accompanied by the managers of our organization along with the members of the central office of Symphony.

Group photograph of members and representatives of Parque Arauco, MegaPlaza Independencia, and Sinfonía por el Perú.

Thanks to all those who are committed to the processes of social transformation through music! Let us continue working together for the future of children and adolescents in Peru.

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