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Ícono núcleo

What is a center?

It is an educational, artistic and social training center where all the instrumental and choral programs are carried out. These centers have a social function, since they use music as a transformation tool in three areas: educational, personal and family. 

The centers serves beneficiaries from the age of 5.

Ícono módulo

What is a module?

It is the extension of the musical center that seeks to summon children and young people in order to expand the impact of our program in more remote areas.

Our headquarters

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Participate in our calls!

Sinfonía por el Perú is a non-profit organization led by Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez. Throughout its first 12 years, it has impacted the lives of more than 30,000 children and adolescents; as well as in their families. Currently, it serves more than 6000 beneficiaries in 10 regions of the country, in our different musical programs.

To be part of our organization, it is not necessary to have musical knowledge, since they will begin their training at Sinfonía por el Perú. Classes are taught daily in our centers, modules, programs and casts, located throughout the country and registration, as well as participation, are totally free.

The new beneficiaries begin their training in the Kinder Musical program (aimed at beneficiaries between 5 and 7 years old) and in the Choral Program (aimed at beneficiaries between 8 and 15 years old).

In these programs, they learn to sing, to identify musical notes and figures, to read sheet music and other practices related to musical learning, as well as to interact with their peers through the collective practice that occurs naturally in these programs and they benefit from their development, since at Sinfonía por el Perú we work on the development of activities for life, positively impacting their lives in various dimensions, such as social, instrumental, cognitive and emotional.

In the event that they are interested in participating in an instrumental program, such as the orchestral, band or “Puro Perú”, it will be necessary for the beneficiary to be evaluated after participating in the Kinder Musical and Choral Programs. We do not provide instrument classes to new recipients.

For those interested in the Lutherie Program and the Special Education Program, the requirements will be announced on our official channels. For more information, write to us: informes@sinfoniaporelperu.org

Requirements to participate in the call process for
the Kindergarten Musical Program and Choral Program:

  • Be between 5 and 15 years old.
  • The center or module must have an active call. In order for us to activate a call, the venue must announce that it has vacancies and the announcement will be made on our official channels. We will also share a link to the virtual form for registrations.
  • The interested family must be a resident of a district close to the center of their interest, since it is important that they be able to arrive on time to classes and do not miss them. If you do not attend frequently, you will not be able to continue participating in that period and you will have to register in another call process when the venue has vacancies.
  • You must be available to attend face-to-face classes two or three times a week (Monday to Friday), in the afternoons, after 2 p.m. All Sinfonía por el Perú venues carry out their activities in the afternoons and we do not provide service in the mornings.
  • The commitment of families is very important, since they are our main allies so that our beneficiaries can attend and continue learning.

Call Process

  • All calls will be announced on our official channels for a specific period, which will depend on the vacancies that each center has. Through this announcement, a link of a virtual format is shared so that they can register.
  • After the call period ends, which can be between one to four weeks, the centers team, made up of the director and coordinator, will verify that each form has the requested information and that the interested parties meet the stated requirements.

In that week, through our official channels, the results of the beneficiaries who entered according to the vacancies will be published and the date of the first meeting with parents and guardians will be indicated. The centers team will contact each selected family to summon them to the welcome meeting.

In the event that the minor is not selected and meets the requirements, her data is recorded on the waiting list for the next call process.

For more information about calls, write to the inbox of our official Facebook @sinfoniaporelperu.

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