Symphony for Peru arrives in North Lima with the support of the company MegaPlaza

Calls were made to belong to the choral program of the Nucleus and Workshop of Luthery of the new headquarters of North Lima. The beginning of this year was with excellent news for our community: Sinfonía por el Perú now arrives in North Lima to continue transforming more lives through collective musical training, the strengthening of positive values for life, the promotion of citizen exercise, the generation of transferable skills, and personal empowerment of each beneficiary that allows them to build their life paths with autonomy, thus becoming future agents of change for society.Now, these goals are possible thanks to the articulated work with MegaPlaza Independencia.

The strategic alliance between the chain of shopping centers, and our organization, will allow us to have a training center -called Núcleo Lima Norte Sede MegaPlaza Independencia-, in the I.E Libertador San Martín located in the district of Independencia, which will serve 150 children and young people in the area, and will have the Choral Program.

At the same time, there will also be a new Luthery Workshop that will focus on the manufacture and maintenance of wind musical instruments, training auxiliaries in the repair of clarinet and transverse flute instruments.The workshop will be located in the facilities of the C.C MegaPlaza Independencia, and will be aimed at young people between 16 and 22 years old.

The process of calls to be part of the Choral Casts of the North Lima Nucleus, which was aimed at children and young people between 5 and 13 years old, began on January 9 and ended on January 22, with a great reception among the community.The Luthery Workshop is still in the process of convening, closing registrations on January 30.

Know the requirements to participate and all the details of the call, here:

Thank you to our new sponsoring partner, donors, the community, and our wonderful Symphony at the Core team!Let's keep working to continue transforming lives through music.

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