Sinfonía and the Youth Orchestra leave an echo around the world through our international tour

At the beginning of September, our Tour Sinfonía 2022 came to an end —which was possible thanks to the support of our sponsoring partner, Hilti Foundation—. This milestone was marked by a series of symphonic concerts that Sinfonía por el Perú Youth Orchestra, together with our founder, the tenor Juan Diego Flórez, performed in three of the most prestigious and important stages of contemporary classical music: Salzburg Festepiel in Austria, and Gstaad Menuhin Festival and Lucerne Festival in Switzerland.

The third concert of our tour was at the KKL Luzern in Lucerne Festival, where they offered a masterful musical presentation that left Peru at the top of the cultural and classical music scene.

This series of successful activities, in which the young musicians who participate in our organization and who were also ambassadors and spokespersons in the musical tour, allowed us to position ourselves as national references before a demanding European public accustomed to first-class presentations, who were impressed by the artistic quality and the musical skills of all those who make up our Youth Orchestra. The so-called #EmbajadoresSPP (SPP Ambassadors) had the mission of bringing a message of hope and opportunity, through the #SinfoníaPorUnMundoMejor (Sinfonía for a better world) movement, which sought to cross the country’s borders and spread the transformative power that music manages to change in the lives of many boys, girls and youths. In addition, they were also the representatives of the more than 5,000 beneficiaries that Sinfonía currently attends. 

It is important to note that some of the young people who were part of this tour are currently receiving scholarships from the San Ignacio de Loyola University in the specialty of music, on their way to their musical professionalization.



The Youth Orchestra was directed by maestro Roberto González-Monjas, who is a talented and acclaimed conductor and violinist who has a strong vision and clarity as a musical leader, which has allowed him to be the principal conductor at the Musikkollegium Winterthur in Switzerland, conductor and artistic adviser at the Dalasinfoniettan in Sweden, principal guest conductor at the Belgian National Orchestra, and music director at Iberacademy.


The traveling delegation was joined by some representatives of the organization and 10 guest musicians from the Iberacademy program, who joined the Orchestra.


The start of the tour took place with rehearsals at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg —or simply called Mozarteum— which welcomed our delegation and provided the facilities. In this space, the first contact between González-Monjas and the beneficiary members of our symphony orchestra took place, who managed to establish a connection that germinated mutual trust and positive interpersonal relationships among all. These links that were generated in the work spaces of the rehearsals prior to the concerts, in which Juan Diego Flórez also participated, reinforced the musical language and the coordination of the entire group, who managed to establish complicity among all and build the same language that it allowed them to shine with collective light as a group.


The Großes Festspielhaus of the Salzburg Festival was the first stage for the young musicians of our orchestra, who gave an extraordinary performance before an audience of more than 2,170 spectators —the maximum capacity that the theater could accommodate— where all shone in unison and showed how far you can go with discipline, perseverance and continuous work, added to the solid training they obtained with their musical teachers at Sinfonía. Salzburg Festepiele is the largest and most emblematic classical music festival in the world, and it is not for less, it is one of the most important symphonic stages in the world and in the history of academic music.

The highlight of the night came with Nicole Revoredo, double bass player of the orchestra, who was invited on stage by Juan Diego, during the second half of the program, to dance “El alcatraz”, a historical and representative piece of the Peruvian musical repertoire.



“Throughout the concert you could feel the connection of the orchestra with the public, applauding at each performance. One custom of the Salzburg public when the applause falls short before the magnificent presentation is that they stamp their feet from their seats to manifest their level of enthusiasm. This happened up to three times during the musical program”, commented Gabriela Perona, CEO of Sinfonía por el Perú who was present during this exciting moment of the night and lived closely the experience of seeing an audience vibrate with the talent and charisma of our beneficiaries.



The second concert of the Tour was at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival in Switzerland, where the orchestra shone with its own light and once again left everyone spellbound, who enjoyed a classic repertoire, and some representative pieces from Peru and Latin America that complemented the night’s program. This concert took place on a beautiful stage that simulated a tent, made under a wooden construction that provided a more traditional aesthetic and transported the entire audience present, and the musicians, to the times of yesteryear of European symphony performances.



The third and last concert of our international tour was at KKL Luzern at the Lucerne Festival, with 1,800 attendees present —the maximum capacity that the theater could accommodate—, where our beneficiaries offered a masterful musical presentation that left Peru at the top of the cultural scene and classical music. A pride for everyone!

In addition to these high-level concerts, and the previous rehearsals, our beneficiaries also carried out cultural and recreational activities that complemented their travel experience, and contributed with their experiential processes necessary to enrich their artistic training. Sites such as music stores, the Padlock Bridge in Salzburg, the Mirabellgarten Gardens, the Wolfgangseeblick viewpoint or Mozart’s Birthplace were some of the representative places that they were able to visit and enjoy. Additionally, in Salzburg and Lucerne they were able to witness a rehearsal of the Berlin Philharmonic, being an invaluable activity for young musicians. In addition, during their stay they met Emmanuel Pahud, Albrecht Mayer, and Sarah Willis, three of the best academic music musicians in the world.

Finally, in Lucerne they visited “The Lion Monument”, a popular landmark that stands as a symbol of the city of Lucerne in Switzerland.

At Sinfonía por el Perú we are committed to the processes of change and transformation in children and young people through a model of social intervention based on symphonic and choral musical training, cultural promotion, and the generation of opportunities for development. In this sense, this musical tour has been a series of presentations and activities of great importance both for our beneficiaries and for our entire organization, since it strengthens our actions that go beyond just teaching musical practice: we empower children , adolescents and young people, we encourage their active participation, we seek to create spaces for work and social integration that enrich the training of all, we generate links that allow them to build their own identity based on respect, solidarity, work in team and valuing community support, as well as excellence, values, and good practices for life and citizenship. That is what we are and what we do at Sinfonía.

We will continue working together to promote greater changes and build, together with everyone, a better society, a better Peru, and a better world through music.

Sinfonía exists for a better world.

Thank you all!



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